Do a line at The Word Shed…

picture of a young man adding a line to the poem

Rochester’s longest communal poem (probably)

Here is the collaborative, collective poem that we wrote as part of the Word Shed’s visit to the Rochester LitFest Garden Party.


The watcher of the night awoke,

He opened one great eye and spoke,

Finally, this is me,

He croaked.


The princess in her ivory tower

Tainted by her life.

Maximillian Mouse, her only friend and confidante

Felt furry furry furry

Furry, furry furious furry

Feet of rodents.


He croaked again:

She’s ignoring me

Her mind had wandered out to sea.

He croaked again, while she was on the waves.

I’m so hot, I can’t think



Rodents don’t shed a tear.

Nothing feels worse maybe even better than this,

Even when staring down the abyss.

Time is precious, so use it well.


Melting, smelting, steaming,

Heat raged from the factory beyond.

Shouting, screaming, yelling, heard from the factory beyond.


She kissed the frog, and in despair, it croaked

And left her standing there.

She laughed and thought,

Everything is happening perfectly.


I’m so hot

Save me from this wretched place.

I’m stretched out like a tabby cat in the sun.

And she dreamed her dream to sail far.

Long may the maiden voyage float.



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