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The Seed Compendium

The Seed Compendium contains  large selection of additional creative writing from the Fuse Festival and our WordShops. You can read it online or download it from the Words page.

It is 50 pages long and really gives a fantastic snapshot of the creativity we encountered in Medway during the Fuse Festival. There are poems and writing from all ages in the booklet and we hope that you will enjoy it, and excuse any typing errors we might have made!

If you would like to get hold of a printed copy of The Seed Catalogue, our much shorter booklet, there are still some copies at Chatham library.


The Seed Catalogue

Our new publication

Our new publication

We are delighted to be able to launch our new collaborative booklet of prose and poetry ‘The Seed Catalogue’ from tomorrow at the FUSE Medway Festival.

The booklet has been put together from contributions to our wordshops over the past month, and showcases writing from 24 local writers, some of whom had not written before, some of whom are already writing.

The booklet has a range of writing inspired by the topics of Medway and Festival, and it was a delight to read the varied contributions and put the booklet together.

You can come along and do some writing too, in the Shed during the Festival, where you can find us in Gillingham on the High Street on Friday, at Chatham near H Samuels on Saturday and at Rochester Castle Gardens for the Big Picnic on Sunday. Bring a rug, and a picnic and you can listen to us read from the new booklet.

We will be typing up as many of the contributions from the weekend as we can and adding them to our online version of the publication – ‘The Seed Compendium’.  We will also be tweeting live poems from the Festival, follow us on @WordShed.

The whole project has been made possible with a Spark commission from the FUSE Medway Festival.

Rochester Library Wordshop

Word poster

Inspirational words

We held the first of our ‘Wordshops’ at Rochester Library on Saturday 11 May.  Some great writing was done and we are looking forwards to the next one at Strood next Saturday! Here’s a taster of what was written.


Party poppers explode like shaken Champagne corks escaping their prison, with coloured string trailblazing across the space, crash-landing on unsuspecting heads.

Bubbles are poured with aplomb, a river released from its dam, and glasses are chink-chinked to celebrate this alcoholic freedom.

Heads bob back and forth in uncontrollable mirth as if award-winning comedians let rip their rib-tickling act. Or maybe, just maybe, they were auditioning to be a nodding dog placed on the shelf at the back of a car.

Presents are pawed open, like a puppy shredding a lawn to get to long-buried hidden bone-shaped treasure.

Sentimental speeches are slurred in the direction of the nearest spectator and stories long forgotten, sometimes purposely, are bounced from one guest to the next, like helium balloons.

Hugs get thrown like confetti, men leaning into each other like the start of a house of cards, each a mutual crutch.

Then the clock strikes midnight, pumpkins reappear and a premeditated pharmaceutical strike of two aspirin and a tanker of water are religiously imbibed.

….. Thanks to all who attended, and also to the staff at the library and the Friends of the Library!


You can join us at one of our ‘Wordshops’, where we will be writing short prose and poems inspired by Medway, Fuse and festivals!

11 May – 1.30-3.30pm – Rochester Library
18 May – 10.30-12.30 – Strood Library
25 May – 10.30-12.30 – Walderslade Village Library
8 June – 1.30-3.30pm – Chatham Library

Extracts from your writing will then be added to our online and hard copy publication, the printed version which will be available from the Shed.

Places are free, but please reserve your place with the library concerned, either by dropping in, or by phoning the central helpline 01634 337799.

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