Come and visit The Word Shed, where inside, instead of seeds, pots and a lawnmower, you will find yourself in a blossoming, inspirational world of words. During the festival, visitors to The Word Shed will help create a new ME4Writers’ publication. On the first two days, you will have the chance to add your poem or short story to our full, growing online publication, on the third day, the writers will perform highlights from this new, nurtured and fully grown publication. Throughout the festival you will be able to take away your free copy containing a selection of writing done during our workshops.

Locations of the shed during FUSE!

10.30am-4pm Friday 14 June 2013 – Gillingham, by St Mark’s Church.
11-5pm (ish) Saturday 15 June 2013 – Chatham, by the War Memorial, by H Samuel, on Military Road.
12-4pm Sunday 16 June 2013 – Rochester, in the Castle garden.


If you have attended the Word Shed and would like to help us plan future live literature events – please fill in our short survey.


ME4Writers are a Medway-based collective of writers, formed by playwright Sam Hall in 2009. Their projects and events are fun and collaborative. They were highly commended for their work in the community in the Medway Design and Culture Awards 2012. They are known for their innovative, collaborative projects, and guerrilla publishing techniques, and have previously invented and produced a poetry treasure hunt game played around the streets of Medway, ‘Poetrymon’, and the popular ‘Letters Home’ project, which asked people to write about home, culminating in an afternoon of readings and an exhibition at Rochester Library, and a double-page spread in The Irish Post!

The Word Shed is a Spark Commission for the FUSE Medway Festival, 14-16 June 2013.

Fuse logo

Supported by Passmores. http://www.passmores.co.uk


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